Towards a more
sustainable fashion
future and beyond.

We are more than the clothes we make.

We are a family uniting thousands of people who bring their personalities, passions, and pride to work every single day. More than anything else, we are here to create products that make our customers and our employees feel great, and give back to the communities where we live and work. We have always been keen on minimizing waste in our processes to make more efficient and more sustainable products and constantly innovating our processes to have minimum impact on the environment.

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EST. 1975

2 Manufacturing Facilities
2000+ Workforce
LEED GOLD Certified Unit

Weaving our passion, with the thread of each employee, into the soul of every garment.

From over 4 decades of business, Evolv has built a ubiquitous network of employees and clients. From factory workers to engineers to project managers, our skilled and dedicated workforce is the reason for our success and what sets Evolv apart.

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Our apparel manufacturing process spans the entire supply chain from design and material sourcing to the delivery of finished garments.

We have always believed that great design should and can be available for anyone. To achieve this and to ensure the highest quality, Evolv has been following lean manufacturing methodologies for over a decade. Our goal is to provide seamlessness throughout the manufacturing process and to encourage suppliers to apply new ways of managing their business and help them evolv with us.

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Diving deep into our CO Leadership Award 2022 by

An interview with our managing director Mr. Atul Malhotra, who shares his tips on how to go beyond certifications and ensure the garment manufacturer you choose is creating a positive impact.

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Leading with our employees : We believe our employees are one of our greatest assets.

At Evolv, we are committed to expanding our CSR practices through meaningful programs that make a difference in the world. Evolv has adopted a robust framework created through deliberate and consistent actions, which results in long-lasting benefits for our people and the planet.

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