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Evolv is a family of unique brands united by common passion: to make great design accessible to everybody and to lead the way towards a more inclusive and sustainable world.

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We have developed an extensive system of research, product testing and quality control to help us evolve with the changing trends.

We continuously review our standards to make sure we are ahead of the latest developments in product quality and safety, and improve compliance through auditing, corrective action plans, technical assistance and training.

Through constant improvement, we are becoming quicker at establishing the quality of more products using fewer resources, and without compromising on our commitment to the health, safety and environmental quality of our fashion.

Material Research
& Sourcing

Our sourcing of products and raw materials follows the most stringent social, environmental, and health/safety standards.

We are continually seeking to find the most environmentally responsible and sustainable ways to source raw materials, and to apply cleaner, more efficient means to turn these raw materials into the garments our customers want.

Over the years, our size may have evolved, but one underlying idea has stayed the same – the client is at the centre of everything we do.

Facility IPadalam

Facility IIPerungudi

Over 1,36,000 sq. ft. of production area with more than 2 million garments produced annually.

As a result of our close collaboration with customers our apparel business has grown organically since 1975. Evolv’s supply chain is fully vertically integrated. Our capabilities include best-in-industry research, leading design work, production of garments and superior retail experience. This allows us to provide our clients with a complete experience from concept to product. Tracing the production of a garment from concept to completion illustrates Evolv’s work.

Shipping &Logistics

Our logistics centres are built and managed to the highest international standards. We have been systematically upgrading our logistics platforms, introducing eco-efficient lighting, improving insulation, installing sophisticated climate-control equipment etc.
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