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Operating on a global scale, Evolv is committed to adjusting to a dynamic and evolving marketplace. This means embracing new technology and innovations that couple safer, more efficient manufacturing processes with the company standards for the highest quality products.

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Unit I Padalam

Located in the south-western part of Chennai, Padalam houses one of our two manufacturing units. The Padalam facility has a GSV audit score of 92% and is a LEED Gold certified unit. With more than 1,200 employees, the unit has over 65% contribution to our total annual production of 2 million garments. The unit has two production floors with an in-house testing lab and a new addition of a 32,000 square feet warehouse along with a green treatment plant for waste management and an STP plant.


square feet of
production area.


units manufactured


Located in a Chennai neighbourhood, our Perungudi unit has a Grade-A BSCI & WCA audit. Just like our Padalam unit, the Perungudi unit is also equipped with a green treatment plant for waste management along with an STP plant. Contributing more that 35% to Evolv’s annual production the unit mainly handles the production of shirts & tops with the help of over 1,000 employees.


suqare feet of
production area.


units manufactured

Evolv is defined by its people. Our dedicated, eclectic, passionate culture is driven by pros, with a mission to evolve with the changing world.

Atelier Unit

Our corporate office houses an atelier unit for developments with dedicated design & merchandising teams which are responsible for all the research and development activities. Our Atelier unit is backed up by a sample production set-up with a total monthly capacity of 5,000 units.

Testing Lab

Our manufacturing units have a common in-house testing lab and are supported by laundry facilities for garment processing.


Evolv has recently added a new state of the art warehouse to it’s facility with an area of 32,000 square feet in accordance with CT-PAT norms.

Leading with our employees : We believe our employees are one of our greatest assets.

Understanding that mental as well as physical health is critical for our employee’s well-being, we introduced free medical treatment to our employees and added counselling services with a dedicated medical room in our factories. Each facility offers extensive training programs to foster our management and team leaders. We are very proud to have many of our associates from the time we began in 1975, as well as a high number who exceed more than a decade of service. In support of future generations, we started working with the locals in need: to train students in hands-on apparel design and manufacturing methodologies. This attention to next generation development is an integral part of our people development policy.

Thinking Green, Right from the Product Creation, Design and Product Manufacturing.

Since the Industrial Revolution, product design and manufacturing have been dominated by the “cradle-to-grave” model in which manufacturing is a linear process of production, use, and disposal, which eventually leads to pollution.By contrast, the “cradle-to-cradle” approach aims to design an industrial manufacturing process that facilitates recycling and reuse, thus posing less threat to the environment.At Evolv, we are committed to introducing the cradle-to-cradle design approach. Evolv only uses chemicals that meet the approved standards. We are working together with our clients to reach the goal of zero discharge of hazardous chemicals. Evolv’s promotion of green manufacturing processes also speaks to its commitment to protect and cherish resources and the environment.

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