Corporate & Social

Evolv is at its best when every member of our team feels respected, included, and heard—when everyone can show up as themselves and do their best work everyday.

Evolv aims to be a company with a purpose that moves the world forward. To achieve that, we need all parts of our value chain to understand and deliver on our goals—from our leaders to product designers, to the employees, and workers in our factories. A strong governance structure, coupled with a sustainability mindset, provides the foundation for driving collective decision making and accountability across the company.

Women empowerment has long been a part of our DNA. Internally, Evolv’s employee network strive to bring together employees and empower women with over 80% of women workforce progressively helping them thrive as their authentic selves.

Lean Management Framework
We have been working with our suppliers to implement lean manufacturing methodologies for over 15 years. Our goal is to help suppliers understand and apply this new way of managing their business. One of our priorities has been the role lean manufacturing can play in creating a workplace culture that prioritizes workers’ health and safety, and human resources management systems focused on continuous improvement, building workers’ skills and empowering them to identify opportunities to improve overall production.

Leading with our employees:

Evolv is a company that evolves with the changing world, grows and innovates. As we seek to move the world forward through fashion, we believe the success of our teammates drives the success of our business. This is reflected in our ongoing commitment to creating an environment focused on equality, inclusion, empowerment and respect. When our teams feel supported and inspired, they turn that creativity into innovation to serve our clients globally and deliver against our goals.

To offer the best working environment to your employees, Evolv approaches things as follows:

  • Creating aligned and effective organisation.
  • Investing in great leaders and managers.
  • Empowering divers and innovative teams.
  • Fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and is engaged.
  • Ensuring opportunity for everyone to learn and Evolv.

Evolv Brings Together 2200+ Employees and Allies Who Represent the Unique Experiences, Perspectives, and Ideas of Our Diverse Global Employee Team Our Culture of Safety - A safe, healthy workplace is a fundamental right. Our vision is to provide a safe, hygienic, and healthy workplace, develop safety management systems, and foster a strong culture of safety in Evolv’s facilities as well as the factories and facilities within Evolv’s supply chain. Achieving this vision requires an active and engaged workforce that is properly informed and adequately trained on the hazards of their job and how to perform their work safely.